Moshé Raviv – Vorobeichic (Moï Ver) ‘The Ghetto Lane in Wilna

‘The small photography book The Ghetto Lane in Wilna, which was published in Zurich and Leipzig in 1931 in four languages, has long been known as a collector’s item, shrouded in legend and vague assumptions. It was regarded by scholars of photography, Judaic studies and Vilnius’ history as an exclusive publication, in which the Jerusalem of Lithuania was the subject of an avant – garde experiment. That experiment in photographic art was done with a great knowledge of technique, paying close attention to the peculiar atmosphere of the city, and with an ironic but warm look. It examines the heart of Jewish Vilnius.’

Mindaugas Kvietkauskas

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Facsimile reproduction of the first edition published in 1931 with separate commentary.

Hommage à Moï Ver The Ghetto Lane in Wilna (Schaubücher 27): 65 pictures by M. Vorobeichic

Photographer Moshé Raviv – Vorobeichic (Moï Ver). Title pictures – The Jewish Lane and the Balcony of the Great Synagogue shops of the Jewish street.

Published by Orell Füssli Verlag, Zurich and Leipzig, 1931
Compiled by: Dr. Emil Schaeffer (1874-1944) and Moshé Vorobeichic (1904-1995)
A preface by S. Chneour (1886-1959)

Published by The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, 2019
Texts by: Dr. Nissan N. Perez, Dr. Mindaugas Kvietkauskas, Sigutė Chlebinskaitė
Partners: LDM Nacionalinė dailės galerija, Moshé Raviv – Vorobeichic family archives, Lietuvos ambasada Izraelyje, LCVA Lietuvos centrinis  valstybės archyvas, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Knygų šalis

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Dimensions 13 × 19.5 × 2 cm

84 p. and 108 p.




Lithuanina, english and yiddish