Paula Jansone „Seat 68“

“Greetings from Madeira! We spent the whole day on planes and bussed and only reached our hotel in the evening. It is located near the city centre in a district for tourists. Grandmother and I are sharing a room so I go to bed pretty early.
When I thought about this trip, I thought it was going to be full of leisure, sunbathing and a peacful time away from the daily rush – I was wrong.
We have to wake up at 7 a. m. and follow a strict schedule that was handed out to us in the plain. The weather is fickle and I regret not packing a raincoat.”

Paula Jansone


Edited by Valeriy Gorokhov
Texts by Paula Jansone
Designed by Alexey Murashko

Published by Milda Books, 2020

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200 g.


20 x 15 x 1 cm.


102 p.


English, Latvian