Catalogue “Women’s Workshop”

The editor of this book Cale Garrido writes: „The idea for this publication grew from a greenhouse – an installation at Kaunas Photography Gallery in the summer of 2020, curated by Latvian researcher and art critic Jana Kukaine. Light and warmth entered through the windows, tomato plants bloomed, pumpkins and other vegetables lined up, all growing within the gallery‘s white walls. Interacting with a selection of photographs, the greenery steered the audience through the space, which had been set up to raise such challenging issues as gender inequality at work and the invisibility of care and a house work.“

Silvia Rosi, Katrin Ribbe, Charlotte Schmitz, Katrina Neiburga, Irina Ruppert and Tonje Bøe Birkeland turn their gaze on mothers, shop assistants, nurses, sex workers, field workers, taxi drivers, explorers, or themselves as artists. The work selected does not attempt to illuminate subject completely, rather it aims to stimulate an unfinished conversation around the visual representation of gender realities in the world of labour.“

Cale Garrido


Edited by Cale Garrido
Texts  Jamila Prowse, Katrin Ribbe & Lucie Ortmann, Fátima Vélez, Hettie Judah, Maren Lübbke-Tidow, Charlotte Jansen
Design Miglė Ceinorytė-Mitašiūnė
Printed by Kopa

Published by Kaunas Photography Gallery, 2023

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480 g


18,5 x 23,5 x 1,7 cm


168 p.


Lithuanian, English