Kęstutis Navakas, Gintaras Česonis “A Meeting with Kaunas”

“The Album contains various places of Kaunas, as seen (met!) by two people living in Kaunas. This is an attempt to find a secret code of Kaunas, to disclose it’s genome, to show different facets of the crystal called Kaunas. But first and foremost, this is a walk through Kaunas trying to speak with it.
This is not a proper coffee-table album, since not everything is bright and glamorous in Kaunas. There are all kinds of places, yet it is our city, and people live here, not in the glossy advertising leaflets of tourist agencies. Sometimes people even live in the places tourists never visit. We did not not try to avoid these places. <…>
Kaunas is one of those cities where plenty of things still have no name. Ergo – they have never been met. Therefore every attempt to see and utter your city is also a date with it.”

Kęstutis Navakas



Edited by Kęstutis Navakas
Texts by Kęstutis Navakas
Photography by Gintaras Česonis
Printed by UAB „Kopa“

Published by Všį „Meno tvirtovė“, 2009

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1900 g.


28 x 25 x 1,5


112 p.


Lithuanian and English