Father Stanislovas: My desire is that peace and joy, not conflict and chaos, spring from the Earth

“Father Stanislovas is a very superior person, an exceptional priest, a human being who became a legend while being alive. Some disfavoured him, others worshiped, yet no one was indifferent. Being a forthright thinker, an unconventional preacher, he was a spring of spirituality, capable of inspiring kindness and humanity, of approaching, understanding and condoling a disadvantaged person. Even death cannot overcome the spring: he is alive in reminiscences, stories and hearts of people.
This project is another evidence of his vitality. <...>The photographs of Gintaras Česonis magically unfold Father Stanislovas portrait that, followed by thoughts of the priest himself, recreated the reality witnessed by people more than once, the captured moment: desire of close presence and nothing else.”

Jūratė Tutlytė



Edited by Jūratė Tutlytė
Texts by Jūratė Tutlytė, Tėvas Stanislovas
Photography by Gintaras Česonis
Printed by UAB „Kopa“

Published by Všį „Meno tvirtovė“, 2006

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1700 g.


26,3 x 21,5 x 1,5


130 p.


Lithuanian and English