Albertas Švenčionis “Būtsargiai”

“Lithuania can be proud of having evidently visible and perceptible signs of the old past of the country. These are hillforts: the archeologists count about 940 in number in the country. Each of them is the unique in its place, by its origin and its development, by its shape, and by its history of knowledge and use. The science of archeology has delved a lot, though it has investigated only every fourth of the hillfort. Therefore, most of their mysteries have been waiting for their discoveries and that will take a long time <…> The path of Albertas Švenčionis, a member of Lithuanian Photography Association and of The Lithuanian Union of Journalists, towards the hillforts has not been urgent. This path has deeply been felt, bethought, imagined, conceived, worked out, taken things to the heart, looked through the camera lens, and not just through it. For him, the hillfort is the greatness and the embodiment of the mystery, the object that balances on the edge of perception and therefore, it is unprecedently, attractive and mystical.”

Gintautas Zabiela



Edited by Albertas Šenčionis, Arvydas Poška
Texts by Gintautas Zabiela
Designed by Arvydas Poška

Printed by  Albertas Švenčionis, Lietuvos fotomenininkų sąjunga, 2017

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30 x 22,5 x 2


143 p.


Lithuanian, English