„Kaunas Art Book Fair 2023“ 10 Eur value SPONSOR TICKET

With 10 Eur value „Kaunas Art Book Fair 2023“ sponsor ticket, you will have a right to:

• buy Kaunas Photography Gallery publications during the fair with an 10 percent discount;

• visit Kaunas Photography Gallery exhibitions for FREE until 1 January 2024;

• buy publications of other publishing houses and bookstores during the fair with discounts of various values.

Upon receipt of payment, the sponsor’s ticket will be sent to your e-mail address within one working day.

By purchasing a sponsor ticket, you will definitely contribute to the continuity of Kaunas Art Book Fair 2023.

The organisers of Kaunas Art Book Fair 2023 are not responsible for any discounts applied by other exhibitors to their publications.